Goddess Yoni Spa®

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Goddess Yoni Spa®

The Goddess Yoni Spa® , is the ultimate feminine health & rejuvenation tool for the 21st century goddess!!   WHAT IS A GODDESS YONI SPA®?  “Yoni” is the ancient Sanskrit...

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The Goddess Yoni Spa® , is the ultimate feminine health & rejuvenation tool for the 21st century goddess!!



 “Yoni” is the ancient Sanskrit word for divine feminine energy, the womb, female birth canal, vagina, etc. The vagina IS optimally self cleaning & self maintaining WHEN one consumes a healthy diet, plenty water, and regular showers/bath with natural/mild soap (outside and throughout labia but not in vaginal canal). HOWEVER if any or a combination of these good health & hygiene practices becomes lacking, a woman may succumb to ill vaginal health.


Also, energetically a woman’s vagina, & womb are associated with the root and sacral chakras.  Chakras are spinning centers of light that create our aura, that attract and emit energies associated with the ability to have stable foundations in life, to be creative and manifest the things we desire.  These 2 chakras also represent healthy sexuality and “giving life” through following intuition and right acton.  When any physical issues arise in these areas, there has already been an energetic imbalance in these areas as well that further attracted to us into manifesting the physical issue.  Everything starts and ends as energy.

That being said, Yoni steaming (also known as vaginal steaming, V-steaming etc.)  is an alternative health treatment that can help alleviate imbalances in these energy centers, and ( in combination with other holistic treatments ) help to alleviate physical manifestations of imbalance in these areas.

Yoni steaming is as ancient as traditional healing techniques all around the globe!  It is a documented health practice in Africa (Mozambique, South Africa, Ancient Kemet/Egypt, Ancient Kush/Nubia, Indonesia, Thailand, Central America among the Q'eqchi' people etc.)

Vaginal steaming has been described in spas as an ancient Korean treatment for reproductive organ ailments and many other benefits.  The basic tenant is a woman squats or sits over steaming water containing a variety of herbs, creating a form of vaginal aromatherapy ( or a facial for the Yoni) that steams the vagina with herbs.

In the same way that aromatherapy can draw mucus out of your nasal passages when you have a cold or flu, the herbs used to yoni steam detoxify both the tissues of the yoni and the energetic 1st (root) and 2nd (sacral) chakras by enhancing blood flow to the vaginal tissues, which can promote healing, helping to draw out toxicity in a very subtle manner and dispelling negative energies.


Vaginal steaming with The Goddess Yoni Spa® offers many holistic health benefits including:

* reducing menstrual symptoms, such as bloating, cramps, exhaustion, and heavy bleeding

* boosting fertility

* promoting healing after childbirth

* reducing stress

* treating hemorrhoids

* increasing energy and reducing fatigue

* treating headaches

* opening & detoxifying lower chakras

* restoring healthy vaginal lubrication

* womb & sexual trauma release

* increasing energy and reducing fatigue

* generalized pain relief (especially hormonal induced)



There are yoni steam boutiques popping up all over the place, but We suggest you perform this sacred act of healing at the comfort of your own home.  Many of these spas are charging you as much as $85 for something you can – and should – be enjoying in private meditation for the most healing, long lasting effects; not amongst groups releasing their energetic gunk inches away from you!  For the price of only 2-3 sessions, you can invest in everything you need and use it was often as you need to !

There also are all types of Yoni steam apparatuses  popping up all over the internet!  Thanks to drop shipping sites like alibaba , dhgate, oberlo & the like, anybody with a marketing budget and know how can be a Yoni expert and sell you plastic toxic BPA ridden yoni steam seats from CHINA!  Many of these “experts” tell you to place these plastic seats  in the TOILET to use!!! Um, thats a HUGE NO-NO beloved!  You will likely cause more harm in the long run!

Our Goddess Yoni Spa® is HANDCRAFTED by a master carpenter and 100% plant based cedarwood!!  It is literally a beautiful functional piece of furniture that will last generations with proper upkeep; something you can pass on to your daughters for their sacred healing too!  



You will receive a directions pamphlet download after your purchase with all the information you need to use your Yoni Spa® immediately after arrival ( Don’t forget to purchase  GoddessBody’s scientifically formulated Healthy Yoni® Herbal blend for best results during checkout)!



Vaginal steaming is a form of self-care, and you will get the best results with consistency! We highly recommend twice monthly (the day after your cycle ends & two weeks after that, then repeat).  We recommend once a week if dealing with specific yoni issues, womb issues, hormonal imbalances (incorporated with holistic plant based supplementation & dietary changes), &/ or trauma release. Avoid yoni steaming if you are pregnant as it may help to prematurely ripen the cervix in an unhealthy manner.  Steaming may also cause the uterus to prematurely contract and potentially harm the fetus. Avoid yoni steaming if you have an IUD or birth control ring in your vagina. Avoid steaming when you are on your cycle.


YES, it is one of the best ways to show your yoni some love! Just be sure to Keep the temperature of the steam low (small crockpot placed inside Yoni Spa® is best, not provided with spa purchase). After you prepare your vaginal steam herbs, let everything sit for a while until the steam is rising gently & only use dried or raw herbs like those found in our Healthy Yoni herbal blend. You want to avoid raw essential oils. They are concentrated and when heated could be too harsh for the sensitive parts of the vagina.  Follow the directions in the download you receive after purchasing and you’ll be perfectly fine!





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