Mind + Spirit Herbal Extract

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Mind + Spirit Herbal Extract

Time to get your Mind & Spirit on optimal wavelengths . Especially after water upon rising. Not ‪with coffee or unhealthy ‪energy drinks , but ‪with herbs like Ginkgo &...

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Time to get your Mind & Spirit on optimal wavelengths . Especially after water upon rising. Not ‪with coffee or unhealthy ‪energy drinks , but ‪with herbs like Ginkgo & Yerba Mate to stimulate blood flow and oxygen to the brain 💆🏽 & central nervous system; Damiana to stimulate the pineal gland (anatomical third eye 👁 ) increasing visions as a precedent to set your intentions/goals for the day. Gotu Kola to liven the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain and decrease mental fogginess, accentuating focus and clarity etc. All of which and more are found in our Mind & Spirit herbal Extract!

GoddessBody Mind & Spirit herbal extract consist of plants that enhance mental & cognitive ability, improve memory energize the brain, and helps boost focus and concentration. It improves energy throughout the body, enhances mental and physical stamina , helps improve libido , enhances & improves mental acuity, and improves circulation to the brain region. It helps to decalcify, maintain, repair & stimulate the pineal gland (i.e., Third Eye, which is located between your two physical eyes, increasing awareness of the spiritual, mental, & physical 'oneness' of our universe).

AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! This blend is usually only found in our Goddess Body Cleanse Women’s 28 Day Detox System, so get yours now before we sell out!  

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